Technical Information

Catalogues and Handbooks

Durlon Gasket Manual – Updated version coming soon!
Durlon 6-Page Brochure
Durlon 6-Page Brochure – French Version
Durlon 6-Page Brochure – Spanish Version
Gasket Fundamentals
DFT 6-Page Brochure
DFT 6-Page Brochure – French Version
DFT In-Line Check Valve Catalogue
Durlon Railroad Tank Car Technical Handbook

General Technical Documents

TFC Product Line Card – English Version
TFC Product Line Card – French Version
iGuard Recommended Application Guide
Durlon Bolt Tightening Worksheet

Durlon® Product Tech Sheets

Compressed Asbestos Free Gasket Material

CNA Anti-Stick Formulation
Durlon 5000
Durlon 7760 DuraSwell
Durlon 7900
Durlon 7910
Durlon 7925
Durlon 7950
Durlon 8300
Durlon 8400
Durlon 8500
Durlon 8600
Durlon 8700
Durlon 8900

Filled PTFE Gasket Material

Durlon 9000
Durlon 9000N
Durlon 9002
Durlon 9200
Durlon 9400

100% Pure PTFE Gasket Material

Durlon 9600
Durlon Virgin PTFE

Corrugated Flexible Graphite Gaskets

Durlon CFG

Flexible Graphite Gasket with DurCore® Stainless 316 Core

Durlon Durtec® with DurCore®

Extreme Temperature Gaskets – SWG/Durtec®/Kammprofile

Durlon ETG

Homogeneous sheet and laminated styles: 316SS Foil Insert, 316SS Tang Insert, 316SS Multilayer

Durlon FlexibleGraphite

Phlogopite Mica with Silicone Binder: S90, L316, T316

Durlon HT1000

Isolation & Sealing Kits – Styles: EN, HC, CS, HT, 8400, 8500, 9000

Durlon iGuard

100% Pure Expanded PTFE Gasket Material

Durlon Joint Sealant

Serrated Flat Metal Gaskets

Durlon Kammprofile

Reduced Contact Area Full Face Gasket

Durlon RCA

Ring Type Joint Gaskets – Styles: R, RX, BX

Durlon RTJ

Spiral Wound Gaskets with Super Inhibited Graphite – Style: D, DR & DRI

Durlon SWG

DFT® In-Line Check Valves

Basic Check
Vacuum Breaker
ALC Wafer Style
DSV Sanitary
FBC Compact Insert
GLC Cast Iron
GLC & Excalibur NAB Nickel-Aluminum Bronze
WLC Wafer Style
WLC Cast Iron Wafer Style
BNC In-Line Globe Style
TLW Tapped Lug Wafer Style
Valve Data Sheet
DFT Installation and Maintenance Manual