Technical Information

Catalogues and Handbooks

Durlon® Gasket Manual
Durlon® 6-Page Brochure
Durlon® 6-Page Brochure – French Version
Durlon® 6-Page Brochure – Spanish Version
Gasket Fundamentals
DFT® 6-Page Brochure
DFT® 6-Page Brochure – French Version
DFT® In-Line Check Valve Catalogue
Durlon® Railroad Tank Car Technical Handbook

General Technical Documents

TFC Product Line Card – English Version
TFC Product Line Card – French Version
iGuard Recommended Application Guide
Durlon® Bolt Tightening Worksheet
CNA Anti-Stick Formulation

Durlon® Product Tech Sheets

Durlon® 5000
Durlon® 7760 DuraSwell®
Durlon® 7900
Durlon® 7910
Durlon® 7925
Durlon® 7950
Durlon® 8300
Durlon® 8400
Durlon® 8500
Durlon® 8600
Durlon® 8700
Durlon® 8900

Filled PTFE Gasket Material

Durlon® 9000
Durlon® 9000N
Durlon® 9002
Durlon® 9200
Durlon® 9400

100% Pure PTFE Gasket Material

Durlon® 9600
Durlon® Virgin PTFE

Corrugated Flexible Graphite Gaskets

Durlon® CFG

Flexible Graphite Gasket with DurCore® Stainless 316 Core

Durlon® Durtec® with DurCore®

Extreme Temperature Gaskets – SWG/Durtec®/Kammprofile

Durlon® ETG

Homogeneous sheet and laminated styles: 316SS Foil Insert, 316SS Tang Insert, 316SS Multilayer

Durlon® Flexible Graphite

Phlogopite Mica with Silicone Binder: S90, L316, T316

Durlon® HT1000®

Isolation & Sealing Kits – Styles: EN, HC, CS, HT, 8400, 8500, 9000

Durlon® iGuard

100% Pure Expanded PTFE Gasket Material

Durlon® Joint Sealant

Serrated Flat Metal Gaskets

Durlon® Kammprofile

Reduced Contact Area Full Face Gasket

Durlon® RCA

Ring Type Joint Gaskets – Styles: R, RX, BX

Durlon® RTJ

Spiral Wound Gaskets with Super Inhibited Graphite – Style: D, DR & DRI

Durlon® SWG

DFT® In-Line Check Valves

Basic Check
Vacuum Breaker
ALC Wafer Style
DSV Sanitary
FBC Compact Insert
GLC Cast Iron
GLC & Excalibur NAB Nickel-Aluminum Bronze
WLC Wafer Style
WLC Cast Iron Wafer Style
BNC In-Line Globe Style
TLW Tapped Lug Wafer Style
Valve Data Sheet
DFT® Installation and Maintenance Manual