Custom Capabilities

Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd.® prides itself in offering high-quality fabricated sealing components with high-precision and fast turnaround capabilities. Our state-of-the-art research and development facility is geared to meet the ever-changing demands required in today’s variety of service conditions. This is the reason why we use some of the most modern and sophisticated processes to meet your custom needs.

Learn about our capabilities and why we invest back into our company to bring you the very best in sealing solution technology.

Flash Cutter

We use modern digital flatbed cutting machines that can cut gaskets with precision, accuracy, and less start-up time, resulting in improved quality of the finished parts. Our machines work with various styles of sheet gasket materials; single, multilayered, and in thicknesses up to 8mm (5/16”).

With our primary CNC controlled cutting table, we can quickly, and precisely cut almost any custom shape with no minimum order requirements. Our equipment eliminates the need to have dies made, which is costly and comes with long lead times. We package all cut gaskets with lot traceability identification tags in compliance with our ISO Quality System.

PTFE Welding

Some applications used in designs for chemical reactors, food and beverage vessels, and heat exchangers, require PTFE gaskets larger than 1,524mm (60”) in diameter. Many fabricators simply use a traditional dovetail design, joining several segments together to form the finished large gasket. Sometimes these dovetails are wrapped in additional material and may be covered in special form-in-place liquid sealants, in order to seal the leak paths created from this design. This approach may lead to leaks and can make the gasket very hard to install.

By using segments cut from our digital flatbed cutting machine, we are able to solve dovetail design problems. We can bond segments together, creating a superior performing gasket with our proprietary welding procedure, and equipment designed by our in-house mechanical engineering experts. Our finished Ring Type or Full Face gaskets can be made with cross-sections up to 229mm (9”) wide, giving our customers the reassurance that their large diameter sealing requirements will perform as expected.

CNC Lathe Cutting

The lathe cutting process produces an extremely precise and accurately cut, finished gasket because it follows the same stringent quality control parameters as our large sheet manufacturing process. This process is efficient and cost effective when producing high volume ring gaskets and highly recommended for smaller PTFE billets.

Our lathe-cut PTFE gaskets are produced using only the best quality billets of Durlon® 9000, 9000N, 9200, and 9400 – some of the most highly recommended PTFE gasket material approved for use with a number of important industrial chemicals.

SWG Winding Machine


  • Ensures repeatability and consistent quality
  • Quick turnaround on Style D, DR and DRI gaskets
  • Custom thicknesses available for special OEM equipment
  • Sizes from 1/2” ID to 157” OD

Custom Fabricated Metallic Gaskets

We custom manufacture spiral wound and kammprofile gaskets to customer dimensional and material requirements. Both gasket styles can be manufactured with common pass bar styles, typically used in heat exchangers up to 2,642mm (104”) in diameter. Using sophisticated semi-automatic digital equipment, we can ensure that dimensional stability and assembly precision are met on every gasket produced. Combined with full internal traceability on raw materials, we provide custom fabricated metallic gaskets that can be depended on for the entire lifespan of the installation.

Kammprofile/Durtec Gaskets


  • Size range ½” – 157”
  • Parallel and convex cores
  • Floating and integral CR’s
  • SWG Centering Rings
  • SWG Inner Rings

Custom Metallurgy

Due to increasing demand in high performance metallurgy requests for both critical and chemical applications, we stock numerous alloys for both standard and custom gasket requirements. Our metal inventory includes: 304SS, 316L, 317SS, 321SS, 347SS, Monel 400, Duplex 2205, Super Duplex 2507, Alloy 20, Hastelloy C276, Inconel 600/750/825, Titanium, and Zirconium (Zr702). Don’t see it on the list? Give us call! We may have it or can get it for you.

Water Jet Cutting

State of art water jet cutting table with high intensity pump and 5 axis cutting head, allows 3D cutting for up to 6’6” x 10’ sheets of metal, CNA, and PTFE. With this new addition to our manufacturing facility, we can cut all metal gasket components from SWG’s to Kammprofiles, with cutting speeds of 400 IPM speed range and +/- 0.005” accuracy. This new technology allows us to offer high precision products with quick turn-around times, on both standard and custom gaskets in metallurgies that can range from 304SS to Zirconium.

Hydraulic Bender

Hydraulic bending allows us the ability to bend rings for both spiral wound components and kammprofile gaskets utilizing the flat bar strip from either slit coils or strips cut from sheets on our water jet table. This allows us to be more cost effective when manufacturing large OD gaskets because there is no center drop from the material, which can increase the gasket’s cost. We have the ability to bend gasket OD’s from 8”-167” with ¼” through 2” cross sections.

Laser Marking

At TFC, we utilize a Class 1 fibre laser to mark all of our metal gasket components for easy identification and traceability. Not only does it mark the size and class of the gasket, but the heat #, PO# and even QR Code can be added if required.


Durlon® PTFE skived materials give gasket cutters great value due to higher yields and optimal performance. With our proprietary manufacturing method, we are able to hold a tight thickness tolerance across a 60” sheet. Additionally, we are able to offer sheet lengths in 60” increments. Longer sheet lengths provide better yields and many gasket cutters prefer to take full rolls of material for continuous feed cutting operations.

RCA® Gaskets

The Durlon® RCA® (Reduced Contact Area) sealing system combined with Durlon® PTFE styles, can replace standard Full Face gaskets in FRP, PVC, and other non-metallic and metallic pipe flanges, where a low stress gasket is required. The RCA® configuration reduces the total gasket contact area, resulting in a lower seating stress at a given torque level, while preventing flange rotation. The RCA® configuration can be cut from standard sheets resulting in a cost savings, versus other low stress gaskets. Available Materials: Durlon® PTFE and Compressed Non-Asbestos styles.

Modula Automatic Vertical Storage System

These vertical storage solutions are perfect for making the most of the height of our warehouse while saving floor space; are the ideal answer for an orderly, clean, and safe work environment. At Durlon, we are always looking at ways to re-invest in our facilities, and with the acquisition of 2 Modula systems (and a 3rd coming June 2022), we can recover space, save time, reduce risks and improve the accuracy of our inventory management.

These units are composed of a sturdy steel structure that houses and supports the trays, and a motorized central elevator to move them from the support shelves to the operator bays for picking and storing gaskets.

Lab Capabilities

All our gasket testing is done in-house on both qualified raw material and finished gasket products. We perform various ASTM tests for gasket properties; tensile, creep, leakage, and compressibility/recovery. We have ovens for conditioning samples and performing our own oxidization testing on graphite and other high-temperature materials. Our Amtec machine allows us to perform all standard required gasket performance testing, along with other tests that require high levels of accuracy. We test gasket factors (EN 13555), ultra-low emissions leakage testing with the use of a helium mass spectrometer, and competitor material testing. We have PMI (Positive Material Identification), and hardness testing equipment for verification of all our metallurgy that is brought into the plant, and before being used for production.

AutoCAD and Design

Our AutoDesk CAD design programs (AutoCAD and Inventor Professional) allow us to create both 2D and 3D drawings of gaskets and components, as well as utilize FEA analysis if dealing with tricky or problematic sealing solutions. Our design team is available to help with the conversion of older paper drawings, into digital files that can then be programmed into our Flash cutting machines or water jet table.

Need something drawn up or converted into a digital file? No problem. Just send us a sketch, or the original drawing!

Let us help you with your customer needs. Call us at 1-866-537-1133 or send us an email request.