• Durlon® 7900
  • Durlon® 7950
  • Durlon® 8300
  • Durlon® 8400
  • Durlon® 8700
  • Durlon® 8900
Compressed Non-Asbestos

Durlon® Compressed Non-Asbestos (CNA) products range from purely economical to premium grades with a variety of synthetic fibre reinforcement and rubber binder systems to meet the majority of general service industrial piping applications. Durlon® CNA products are the only products in its class to be manufactured in Canada and have been since the early 1980’s. Explore our CNA product styles for the one to meet your application requirements.

  • Durlon® 9000N
  • Durlon® 9002
  • Durlon® 9200
  •  Durlon® 9400
  • Durlon® 9600
  • Durlon® Virgin PTFE
  • Durlon® Joint Sealant
PTFE Sheet/Gaskets

Durlon® PTFE gaskets are exclusively manufactured at our factory located in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Our compression molded and skived manufacturing process allows for the best control of physical properties and performance characteristics than other manufacturing processes. With unique formulas of fillers, Durlon® PTFE products can meet your tough chemical applications and engineering specifications.

  • Durlon® Durtec® with DurCore®
  • Durlon® Kammprofile
  • Durlon® Spiral Wound Gasket
Semi-Metallic Gaskets

Durlon® semi-metallic gaskets are manufactured with computer-aided manufacturing equipment under rigorous quality control programs to ensure premium quality product performance. Semi-metallic gaskets are traditionally used for low pressure commodity and high pressure piping systems but with modern materials, tougher applications in the refinery and chemical industries can be solved with this product group.

  • Excalibur Check Valve
  • Basic Check Valve
  • TLW Check Valve
  • DLC Check Valve
  • Y-Calibur Check Valve
  • SCV Check Valve
  • PDC Check Valve
  • GLC Check Valve
  • DSV Check Valve
  • SCV-R Check Valve
  • Restrictor Check Valve
  • Vacuum Breaker
  • WLC Wafer Style Check Valve
  • TLW Wafer Style Check Valve
  • Excalibur NAB
  • GLC Cast Iron Check Valve
  • WLC Cast Iron Wafer Style Check Valve
  • BNC In-Line Globe Style Check Valve
  • FBC Compact Insert Check Valve
Check Valves

The DFT® silent check valve is known around the world as the valve to use to prevent or eliminate water hammer problems. Whatever your size, pressure or piping configurations, Triangle Fluid Controls has the check valve that’s right for you. DFT® is the only check valve company that specializes in a broad spectrum of spring-assisted in-line silent check valves with materials ranging from cast iron to exotic alloys to meet demanding industry applications.


Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd.® is a market-driven, technology-based company serving customers throughout the world with innovative sealing products. Based in Belleville, Ontario, we manufacture and distribute filled-PTFE, compressed non-asbestos sheets/gaskets, metallic and semi-metallic gaskets. Our commitment to quality and service ensures that our customers receive high-quality products in the shortest lead time possible. TFC offers design, engineering, technical and sales support, to both distributors and end users.

All of our products are tested throughout the manufacturing process by our on-site laboratories to provide consistency and traceability to our customers. This also applies to our line of metallic & semi-metallic gaskets. All of these product lines are marketed under the Durlon® brand name.

TFC is also the Canadian master distributor for DFT® silent check valves. They are known worldwide as the valve to use for severe service and to eliminate water hammer. DFT® manufactures valves from various materials that range from cast iron to exotic alloys. At TFC, we are very proud of our product offerings and it shows from the beginning of our process to the care taken in packaging and shipping to your door.