Packaging and Handling SWGs

Packaging and Handling SWGs

February 28, 2020

By: Samantha Harrison, Lab Testing Technician/QA Assistant

Spiral wound gaskets (SWGS) are a multi-component product that needs to be handled with care to prevent damage to the gasket. So it is very important to take great pride in packaging these SWG’s so that they reach our distributors safely and intact.


Most gaskets, including SWGs can be used safely after being in storage for years. SWGs should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, ozone and UV when being stored. These can cause accelerated deterioration of the gasket. Ideally some storage tips are:

  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Do not expose gasket to excess heat or humidity or extreme fluctuations of heat and humidity
  • Keep gaskets clean and free of mechanical damage
  • Prevent dust and particulate damage
  • Avoid hanging gaskets


  • Keep gaskets flat or adequately supported to avoid any distortion
  • Extra care should be taken when handling large SWGs greater than 500mm (20”) in diameter
  • For SWGs that are greater than 800mm (32”) we recommend additional hands in order to properly support the gasket
  • Always wear gloves when handling SWGs and do not hold the inner or outer ring only

When handling a SWG it is always important to handle the SWG by the outside of the gasket instead by the center winding of the gasket. When held by the center or winding it could cause the gasket winding to pop…. So, don’t do that!


  • When packaging smaller gaskets, it is common to package 10 to 20 gaskets together with spacers attached to help prevent inner ring popping. These spacers can be re-used and cut down when storing or re-shipping smaller stacks of SWG’s.
  • Then the gaskets are shrink-wrapped.
  • Large gaskets 20” in diameter normally come singular and are attached to a piece of cardboard to keep them ridged
  • It is common for the sealing to become dislodged from the centering ring. In most cases they can be reassembled with a little bit of patience.

Watch this short video showing a re-assembled SWG.

Remember that SWGs are made of multiple components and need to be packaged well in boxes. If boxes rattle, the packaging is no good.