Fluid Sealing Players Offer Expert Advice

Fluid Sealing Players Offer Expert Advice

August 13, 2015

Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd.® Set to Release New Blog Covering Hot Industry Topics.


Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. ®, the global Durlon® sealing solutions company, is set to launch their new blog September 2015 in order to provide a valuable resource for engineers, end-users and channel partners who may not have the specialized knowledge of a fluid sealing applications engineer.

“Providing excellent customer service for gasket users is tricky because we serve such a wide range of industries and end-users. We feel everyone should be able to find a reliable and accessible information source for their needs,” says Mike Shorts, Vice President and General Manager of Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. ® “Not only will we be able to educate users on industry changes and standards, but by providing this resource we will be able to answer the questions we see as ‘hot topics’ on our customers’ and users’ minds. Some of these ‘hot topics’ just aren’t being addressed by others in the market, and that’s where we are prepared to step in.”

Some of the topics TFC plans on tackling are emissions, maintenance, leakage, safety, product lifecycles, and system failures in both gaskets and check valves. The new resource will be updated monthly by a team of contributors with extensive backgrounds in gasket and check valve application in order to help users determine their individual needs.

TFC is currently in the final stages of this new project after a very successful release of their new website late last year. Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. ® has seen a flurry of web traffic and has noticed a need for this type of specialized technical information.

Established in 2007 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. ® is globally known as the Durlon® sealing solutions company with innovative gasketing products for all major industrial sectors including oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, food and pharmaceuticals, and pulp and paper. Don’t miss a blog update by following Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. on LinkedIn.