New Durlon<sup>®</sup> Flange Isolation and Sealing Kits

New Durlon® Flange Isolation and Sealing Kits

Durlon® introduces fresh products with tighter sealing capabilities at low pressures that can actually help to protect your industrial system.


Durlon® Sealing Solutions, a leading name in premium PTFE and semi-metallic gaskets, introduced its newest line of sealing technology, dubbed “Durlon® iGuard™” Flange Isolation and Sealing Kits. Conveniently packaged to contain all necessary components to tightly seal, electrically isolate, and effectively control corrosion of mating metallic parts, the end result is a greatly reduced risk of leakage or system failure in severe services such as gas, acids and other aggressive chemicals or media, ranging from cryogenic to high temperatures.


Each kit consists of a gasket, isolating and backing washers, as well as isolating bolt/stud sleeves. Gasket selection can be made from a wide variety of materials to best suit the sealing and performance needs of each application. In gaskets with phenolic or glass carrier rings, a “double-ogee” sealing element provides a reliably concentrated unit load on the flanges using the lowest torqueing conditions possible. Gaskets are available in four different flange facing types and are able to meet all international piping sizes and dimensional standards.

Particularly useful for industry professionals in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Water/Wastewater and other process industries, the user simply lays the sealing element on the flange face. As the sealing element is compressed against the flange, any tiny gaps between the mating flange and sealing element become filled. This movement provides the end user with a tighter seal, despite potentially lower pressures, with the added ability to isolate parts. The tri-directional movement of the sealing element provides better elastic recovery over time, as bolt loads relax and pressure/temperature cycles occur.


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