TFC University

Are you new to Durlon® Sealing Solutions? Or just need a “refresher” with “one-on-one” training?

We have the best solution for you!

Triangle Fluid Controls University is offering 2-day classroom & hands-on training sessions and tuition is FREE!
(Cost of travel and accommodations are not included)

Download our informative flyer now!

Curriculum Outline

• Durlon® Product Training: CNA, PTFE, Semi-Metallics
• New Product Highlights
• Industry Key Areas of Focus
• Gasket Installation Training
• Handling of SWG’s
• Working with Sheet Materials
• New web tools
• Includes expanded plant tour featuring new equipment and lab demo’s
• Plus lots of take-aways and prizes!

Follow the path to better learning.

If you’re interested in enrolling in the next session of TFCU, Call us at 1-866-537-1133 or send us an email request here.

On Demand Webinars


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