The Dangers of Hot Bolting

The Dangers of Hot Bolting

Dec 6, 2021 By: Alireza Zandi Karimi, Applications Engineer, Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. Hot bolting is the practice of sequential removing and replacing of bolts on a bolted joint (e.g. flange, heat exchanger, manway, etc.) while the joint assembly is under reduced operating pressure. This practice is potentially hazardous, and the utmost caution, therefore, needs… Read More »

Why Durtec?

Mar 30, 2021 By: Samantha Harrison, QA/Applications Specialist There’s a buzz in the sealing industry about our Durtec® gasket. So, what’s a Durtec®, you ask? Very simply, it’s the combination of a corrugated metal gasket and a Kammprofile, on steroids! The Durlon® Durtec® is the next-generation semi-metallic gasket featuring a corrugated profile, based on our… Read More »

How Gaskets are Measured

February 23, 2018 By: Chett Norton, C.E.T. and Sylvia Flegg, Marketing Manager Gaskets come in all shapes and sizes: round, oval, rectangular etc. Accurate measurement size is important because it ensures that the gasket will fit properly and will not get in the way of the installation. Additionally, measurement is managed by QC, assuring that the gasket… Read More »

New Durlon® Flange Isolation and Sealing Kits

Durlon® introduces fresh products with tighter sealing capabilities at low pressures that can actually help to protect your industrial system.   Durlon® Sealing Solutions, a leading name in premium PTFE and semi-metallic gaskets, introduced its newest line of sealing technology, dubbed “Durlon® iGuard™” Flange Isolation and Sealing Kits. Conveniently packaged to contain all necessary components… Read More »