RTJ (Ring Type Joint) Gaskets

RTJ (Ring Type Joint) Gaskets

Durlon® RTJ gaskets are precision machined from solid metal and are designed for high pressure and high temperature services. They seal by creating very high unit load, metal-to-metal line contact with special mating flanges. Metals are typically chosen such that the ring joint gasket is softer than the flange material in order to prevent damage to the flanges and thereby causing plastic flow of the gasket into the flange faces. The design of the gasket or cross section is chosen based on the existing flange configuration and designed maximum system pressure. Gasket and flange surface finishes and dimensional accuracy along with gasket hardness must be carefully controlled in order to obtain and maintain an effective seal.



  • All gaskets are completely identified with low-stress permanent markings indicating style, ring number, material and applicable standard
  • All gaskets fully comply with the ASME B16.20 standard and the API spec 6A (where applicable)
  • All materials are fully traceable and documentation can be supplied upon request
  • Material hardness is carefully controlled which ensures a good seal without damaging the surfaces of the flanges
  • RTJ gaskets can withstand aggressive chemicals and temperatures up to 1,000°C (1,832°F) with properly selected metal
  • All gaskets have a thin protective coating to eliminate oxidation effects due to atmospheric contact


Available Styles:

Style R
  • Available in oval and octagonal cross-sections
  • Durlon® Style R gaskets are interchangeable on modern octagonal flat bottom grooved flanges
  • Standard sizes of Style R gaskets are manufactured in accordance with ASME B16.20 and API 6A specifications
Style RX
  • The Durlon® Style RX ring joint has a unique self-sealing action. The outside bevels of the ring make the initial contact providing a seal against the grooves outer surfaces. As the internal pressure increases, so does the gasket loading stress against the groove thus improving the gaskets sealing characteristics
  • Design features of the Style RX gasket make it more resistant to shock load, test pressure shock and drilling vibration
  • Style RX ring joints are completely interchangeable with standard Style R groove designs. Care should be taken when interchanging these styles as RX gaskets are taller and will add length to the finished assembly
Style BX
  • Durlon® Style BX gaskets have a pitch diameter slightly larger than the groove pitch diameter. This allows for initial contact to be made on the outside of the ring, pre-loading the gasket which creates a pressure energized seal
  • All Durlon® Style BX gaskets incorporate a pressure passage to enable trapped pressure to balance itself in the joint
  • Style BX ring joint gaskets can only be used with API BX flanges and are not interchangeable with style RX