Durlon<sup>®</sup> Durtec<sup>®</sup> with DurCore<sup>®</sup> (Corrugated Metal Core)

Durlon® Durtec® with DurCore® (Corrugated Metal Core)


The Durtec® gasket is designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures, to be blowout resistant, to be fire safe, and to resist toxic and/or corrosive chemicals. The design of the Durtec® gasket also makes it an excellent choice for tough to seal cyclical pressure and temperature applications. Durlon® Durtec® gaskets have a much lower leakage rate as compared with spiral wound type gaskets under conditions of the same loading stresses. They provide excellent sealing performance and safety after installation and are an excellent choice to replace spiral wound gaskets.


Gaskets made with specially engineered DurCore® (corrugated metal core) technology that is bonded on both sides with soft covering layers, typically oxygen-inhibited flexible graphite or Durlon® 9600 ePTFE facing. The core is produced by proprietary technology that allows the finished gasket to have the best possible mechanical support function. Corrugations in the Durlon® DurCore® are virtually uncrushable unlike conventional corrugated metal core gaskets. The precision construction guarantees that Durlon® Durtec® gaskets will have excellent sealing characteristics even under low bolt loads.

The Durlon® Durtec® with ePTFE (Durlon® 9600) Facing

  • Able to withstand the demands of high vibration, aggressive chemicals and cyclic conditions
  • Suitable for use in pulp & paper applications and as a replacement for low stress spiral wound gaskets
  • Conforms well to damaged flange faces

The Durtec® Advantage

  • Fire Safe- SS316L/Graphite Passed Modified API 607 fire test
  • Blowout Resistant- Metal core provides excellent resistant to internal pressure spikes
  • Reusable – On larger sizes and for special configurations, the core may be refaced with new material and reused providing lower cost of ownership
  • Superior DurCore® Technology – The Durtec® design can allow for complete replacement of spiral wound and Kammprofile gaskets with improved performance and lower life cycle costs
  • Easy and safe to handle, easy to install
  • Seals tightly with lower bolt loads vs. Spiral Wound and Kammprofiles gaskets


Typical Properties:

Max, in air
Max, in steam
-200°C (-328°F)
1,000°C (1,832°F)*
650°C (1,200°F)
Pressure, Max, bar (psi) 320 (4,600)
pH range, Room Temp 0-14
Gasket Factors
Gb, psi (MPa)
Gs, psi (MPa)
Y, psi (MPa)
187 (1.29)
0.5 (0.003)
833 (5.74)

 * Maximum temperature limit is dependent on materials