Durlon® HT1000® L316

Durlon® HT1000® L316


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Durlon® HT1000® consists of phlogopite mica paper impregnated with an inorganic binder at less than half the binder amount found in vermiculite-phyllosilicate filled products.


Thermal Strength

  • The low binder content allows for superior weight retention
  • Phlogopite mica is a non-toxic naturally occurring hydrated silicate of potassium and magnesium with a lamellar and non-fibrous structure
  • Its flexible, elastic and a high tensile strength and can withstand substantial mechanical pressure perpendicular to the lamellar plane
  • Chemically resistant, fireproof, infusible, incombustible, non-flammable and a known alternative to asbestos
  • Ensures high efficient sealing and performance characteristics in extreme temperature applications

Typical Physical Properties

Color Metallic Gold
Fibre Phlogopite Mica, 90% min.
Binder Silicone
Creep Relaxation, ASTM F38  55%
Density 1.7 g/cc (106 lbs/cu. ft)
Tensile Strength, ASTM F152 4300psi (29.6 MPa)
Compressibility, ASTM F36 18 to 22%
Recovery, ASTM F36 39-43%
-55°C (-67°F)1,000°C (1,800°F)
Ignition Loss @800°C <4%
Nitrogen Sealability, cc/min ASTM F2378 8
Dielectic Breakdown, kV/mm (V/mil) ASTM D149 20 (508)