A corrugated flexible graphite gasket designed for severe services. Durlon® CFG processes superior sealing and recovery characteristics and is designed for use in the chemical, petrochemical, refining, and pulp and paper industries. Durlon® CFG is used as a universal replacement for spiral wound, double jacketed and traditional flexible graphite gaskets.


durlon kammprofile k40p gasket

Durlon® Kammprofile gaskets exhibit excellent sealability for improved performance at low seating stresses. Soft sealing layers fill in minor surface imperfections to protect flanges from damage. Durlon® Kammprofile gaskets are blowout resistant, are easy to handle, and easy to install.   *Contact Triangle Fluid Controls for chemical compatibilities.


Standard industrial grade sheet without any binders or resins. Durlon® FGS95 is commonly used in oil refineries, power plants and chemical process plants.  


Standard grade sheet laminated with an adhesive bond on both sides of a 0.002″ thick 316 stainless steel foil core. This product is used where high performance and handleability are important.


Standard grade sheet mechanically bonded on both sides of a 0.004″ thick 316 stainless steel tang core. This product is used where stresses and pressure are high and improved handleability is important.


durlon flexible graphite gasket fgm316

Inhibited grade sheet laminated with multiple layers of 0.004” thick 316 stainless steel foil core. This products is used in applications with high mechanical stress or pressure, above average burst resistance exceptional rigidity, fire safe and suitable to cut gaskets with narrow strips.

Durlon® 5300

Economical Durlon Solutions A good quality commercial grade compressed non-asbestos sheet for moderate service conditions where an ABS certified gasket material is required. DURLON® 5300 is suitable for steam, oil, water, mild alkalis, mild acids, hydrocarbons and solvents.  


Ring Type Joint Gaskets Durlon® RTJ are designed for high temperature and high pressure services where the ability to withstand aggressive chemicals is required. All Durlon® RTJ are clearly marked, traceable, and manufactured to ASME B16.20 and API spec 6A standards where applicable. Available in three styles.   *Contact Triangle Fluid Controls for chemical compatibilities.


*Contact Triangle Fluid Controls for chemical compatibilities.

Durlon® HT1000®

Premium Durlon Solutions Durlon® HT1000® consists of phlogopite mica paper impregnated with an inorganic binder at less than half the binder amount found in vermiculite-phyllosilicate filled products. Benefits Thermal Strength The low binder content allows for superior weight retention Phlogopite mica is a non-toxic naturally occurring hydrated silicate of potassium and magnesium with a lamellar… Read More »