Durlon®  9200

Durlon® 9200

Durlon® 9200W is a barium sulfate filled PTFE designed for use in piping and equipment in chemical, pulp & paper and associated industries where resistance to aggressive chemicals and excellent sealability is required. Due to our unique and innovative manufacturing process, Durlon® 9200W has outperformed all layered filled PTFE materials proving to be more resistant to… Read More »

Durlon® 9400

Durlon® 9400 is made from pure PTFE resins and carbon fillers designed for use in piping and equipment in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other severe service industrial applications, where chemical resistance and sealability are paramount. Durlon® 9400 does not exhibit cold flow problems associated with conventional PTFE. It has been developed to be used in… Read More »

Durlon® 9600

Durlon® 9600 is an expanded PTFE gasket material designed to seal at low loads and resist creep and cold flow, while being able to withstand high flange load and high pressures. Durlon® 9600 will easily conform to irregular surfaces that may be warped, etched, pitted or tool marked.These characteristics make Durlon® 9600 your best choice for… Read More »

Durlon® Virgin PTFE

durlon virgin ptfe gasket

Durlon® Virgin PTFE is a high-grade, pure PTFE (100%) material resistant to highly aggressive chemicals. It is available in reprocessed and skived grades.

Durlon® Joint Sealant

Durlon® Joint Sealant is an expanded PTFE form-in-place material not dependent upon flange dimensions and making it ideal for uneven surfaces. It is made from 100% pure PTFE resins and is resistant to highly aggressive chemicals while also resisting creep. Like all of our PTFE material, Durlon® Joint Sealant is FDA compliant and safe for… Read More »


HT1000 - Durlon high temperature gaskets and sheets

Homogenous mica with no carrier.


Mica laminated with a 0.002” thick 316 stainless foil steel carrier.


Mica laminated with a 0.004” thick 316 stainless steel perforated carrier.


Premium Corrugated Metal Core Durlon® Durtec gaskets are specially engineered with DurCore ™ technology, bonded on both sides with soft covering layers (usually flexible graphite). Designed to have the best mechanical support function. It is fire safe, blowout resistant, reusable, virtually uncrushable, and exhibits excellent sealability at low bolt loads.   *Contact Triangle Fluid Controls… Read More »


Green spiral wound gaskets

Durlon® Spiral Wound Gaskets (SWG) are made with an alternating combination of a preformed engineered metal strip and a more compressible filler material which creates an excellent seal when compressed. The engineered shape of the metal strip acts as a spring under load, resulting in a very resilient seal under varying conditions. Durlon® SWG are… Read More »