Between the Pipes Q1 2018

Welcome to our first Launch!

Welcome to our inaugural edition of Between the Pipes, our quarterly newsletter aimed to establish a conversation between professionals of all experience levels within the fluid sealing and fugitive emissions space.

We want our newsletter to be real, current, and meaningful to you and respectful of your time. As we monitor real-time events, challenges, and innovations within the industries we serve, we will share our insight and global expertise from a fluid sealing and emissions perspective, helping you keep your process fluids Between the Pipes.

We have also created our very own comic strip and have free stuff to give away – very exciting!

Thank you for reading our first newsletter and we hope that you stay with us for the editions that follow.

Mike Shorts, President

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Durlon® Spiral Wound Gaskets (SWG) are made with an alternating combination of a preformed engineered metal strip and a more compressible filler material which creates an excellent seal when compressed. The engineered shape of the metal strip acts as a spring under load, resulting in a very resilient seal under varying conditions. The strip metallurgy and filler material can be selected to seal a wide range of applications. All Durlon SWG styles have been engineered to precise manufacturing tolerances that allow for lower stress (bolt load) sealing compared to conventional spiral wound gaskets. All Durlon SWG are manufactured according to ASME B16.20 standards. Quality Assurance complies with API Specification Q1 and ISO 9001:2000.


The FSA Launches Mechanical Seals KnowledgeBase

The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) has announced the launch of their new website feature, KnowledgeBase. The content is developed and maintained by the members of the FSA Mechanical Seals Division as a service to manufacturers and users of mechanical seals, providing easy navigation to key information to educate and inform users on proper specifications, applications and maintenance of products. It can be accessed at or through the FSA’s website at, and currently offers over 35 files of content and videos, each covering and explaining specific topics.


Promoting LNG projects and partnerships

The Canada Gas and LNG Exhibition and Conference brings together the Canadian gas value chain, from producers through to midstream players, downstream innovators, international buyers and government figureheads.

Hear from leading LNG export project proponents, innovate gas producers, petrochemical projects, First Nations partners, government ministers, international buyers, and market developers of small scale and transportation gas solutions. Canada Gas & LNG




Next issue highlights: Industry focus – Chemical and meeting fugitive emission requirements and product focus – PTFE gaskets and how we measure up. We’ll share a new video, news and upcoming trade shows that you many want to look into. And of course, we will put those genius brains to the test again and tickle your funny bone with another adventure from our gasket guru. See you in May!