Petro Can RefineryIn light of the historic Paris Climate Change Agreement (COP21) in which a global agreement was reached on the reduction of climate change, Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. (TFC) is prepared to work with Canadian oil & gas and other energy producing industries to help them reach new greenhouse gas reduction targets. Canadian solutions for the Canadian market.

A comprehensive report by leading energy industry consultancy ICF International (ICF) found that methane from the Canadian oil and gas sector can be reduced by 45% below projected 2020 levels, all while using existing, proven and cost-effective technologies. TFC brings over 90 years’ of experience in fluid and gas sealing to Canadian industries across the country and around the world.

“We stand ready to help companies better control methane emissions, using the latest sealing device technology to reduce leaks,” said Mike Shorts, President of TFC and the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA), in a statement by the FSA in October.

“As one of many service companies that work to capture methane emissions, this is an issue we can fix. Let’s keep methane where it belongs – in the pipe instead of the air.”