RCA (Reduced Contact Area)

The Durlon® RCA (Reduced Contact Area) sealing system combined with Durlon® PTFE styles can replace standard full face gaskets in FRP, PVC and other non-metallic and metallic pipe flanges where a low stress gasket is required. The RCA configuration reduces the total gasket contact area resulting in a lower seating stress at a given torque level, while preventing flange rotation. The RCA configuration can be cut from standard sheets resulting in a cost savings versus other low stress gaskets.

  • Available materials: 1/16” and 1/8” Durlon® PTFE styles and 1/16” compressed asbestos-free styles
  • For FRP, PVE, Glass Lined or steel flanges where a low stress gasket is required
  • Reduced Contact Area means a lower seating stress
  • Lower sealing stress versus standard full face gaskets
  • Available sizes: 1” to 24” Class 150 Full Face RCA
  • Significant cost savings—cut from standard Durlon® sheet
  • RCA full face replaces standard full face gaskets
  • Alignment guides for easy positioning during installation
  • Identification tabs extend beyond the flange OD so even when bolted up you know the size and gasket material being used